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 All about Web Check-In

  • Check in at your own convenience from the comfort of your home or office as soon as the web check in opens  
  • Print your boarding pass‚ or simply have your baording pass on your mobile device
  • Please note the departing Aruba‚ although you have checked in on-line‚ you will require a "regular" Divi boardingpass to entire the departure hall
  • Save time and avoid queues at the check-in desk 

Connecting from another airline with your on-line boarding pass;

  • Checked luggage: clear immigration‚ collect your luggage from the conveyor belt‚ clear customs‚ and proceed to the check-in counter for your luggage drop off
  • Hand luggage only: proceed to the boarding gate
Web Check-in is available starting 30 hrs before departure until 2 hours before departure (3 hours in case of Aruba)
  • Fill in your PNR (booking reference) and your last name in the form below
  • If required‚ choose extra ancillaries and make payment
  • Once the Web Check-in is completed‚ the system will confirm this and you will receive your boarding pass via email
  • You may print out your boarding pass or keep it on your mobile device
  • Please take sufficient time for luggage drop off if traveling with luggage‚ the counter will close 45 min prior to departure
  • Please make sure you have all your immigration and health documentation completed
  • Failure to have all required documetation in place will result in denied boarding at the gate
  • Passenger should be at the gate at least 30 min prior to departure 
Note: Youngh travellers or unaccompanied minors are NOT allowed to web check-in‚ as they need to be escorted through immigration
           Please check in at the check-in counter