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Aruba is happy to welcome you back to the island. In accordance with the State Decree of Admittance AB 2009 no. 59‚ the online ED cardis mandatory for all travelers to Aruba. All non-resident travelers‚ including visa required countries‚ are required to obtain an online travel qualification using this system prior to being granted permission for boarding. Effective July 1st 24‚ Aruba has introduced a sustainability fee of $ 20 for visitors arriving by air. Once on on the (official) page to complete the ED card‚ the page will direct you to the link to pay for this fee. 




There are no Covid entry requirements for people traveling to Bonaire. However July 1st the Visitor Entry Tax goes into effect. Complete your Visitor Entry Tax form timely before your travel to Bonaire. To avoid having to queue on arrival‚ proceed to complete the tax payment online. Payment is possible via credit or debit card‚ cash is not accepted. Unaccompanied minors should have the vistors tax form completed and paid to be allowed to travel. Click here for the Factsheet Visitor Entry Tax of Bonaire.




Welcome to the dushi island of Curacao. Passengers traveling to Curacao are no longer required to complete the Passenger Locator Card (PLC). All International travellers (non-residents) can still use the link to complete the required digital immigration card DI Card